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Musician, singer, band studio time - $30/hour with no setup fee. In todays music market, you can't send a bedroom recording to a potential buyer or record company and expect them to be impressed. Record in a professional studio for your maximum chance of hitting it big!
Recording your voice with a karaoke version of any song - This service is very popular for weddings, birthdays and other life events. There's no lasting gift of love like singing your own wedding song to proclaim your love!
Even if you can't sing well, we've got all the latest pitch correction and other tricks to make you sound like a star.
You'll get a nicely printer CD insert and the audio delivery in any format you like.
Mastering existing audio - We can import your existing audio files or projects to
master them for you.
Audio cleanup and restoration - If you've got an important recording which has
noise, blips, scratches and needs to be restored as best possible, we can do
that. Any format accepted.
Vinyl and Tape to Digital conversion - We can convert your cassette, vinyl, reel
to reel, vhs and other format, to digital formats including CD, mp3, wav or
just about any other medium.
Drone photography and video footage - We can takle arial shots of your wedding, property, event or whatever calls for it. Hit the contact button and ask us about it!