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Nothing, and I mean NOTHING will proclaim your ever lasting love to your soon to be spouse like recording your own wedding song!

Here's the scenario: The DJ calls the newly wedded couple for their first
dance together, her favorite song starts playing but it's your voice
singing right to her!

Tears will flow, aunts and uncles will "aww" and you'll be her hero until the
end of time.

No need to play any instruments, Just sing and we'll do the rest!

We can use any karaoke version of just about any song you want.

Give us a call, text or email today to schedule a session.

Recording your own wedding song comes as a package deal for a flat
rate of $120.00
You'll get a nice CD with personalized insert with wedding graphic, and any
digital format copy you want.
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"Marry Me" - By Jackie Hockstad-Tracy for her sisters wedding